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Federal skilled workers

You are a skilled worker if you have acquired a special skill at a college or university, training, knowledge, English/French proficiency and related work experience. Canadian skilled workers have the opportunity to live permanently in Canada and work in a skilled job benefitting from great working conditions in this marvelous nation.

Foreign skilled workers and professionals are greatly needed in Canada.

To be chosen as a skilled worker by the Canadian authorities you will need to meet some minimum requirements such as:

-       Take a CIC-approved French/English test (CELPIP, IELTS, TEF)

-       Have your higher education certificate & transcripts assessed by a CIC-approved agency

-       Declare at least one full year of official paid employment as described by the HRSDC

-       Submit your letter of job offer issued by a Canadian employer (if applicable)

-       Include your spouse English/French language proficiency test results in your application (if married)

-       Provide the Canadian immigration organization with the proof of having a close relative in Canada (if applicable)

-       Submits proper evidence to prove your financial self sufficiency


A complete and detailed application package prepared by our experienced immigration experts will expedite your process of being selected and approved by CIC.

Call us today and let us help you pack another successful case of Skilled Worker Program.


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  • آیلتس آکادمیک 6-معدل 17-وقفه تحصیلی کم-پذیرش ازدانشگاه
  • دولینگو-وقفه تحصیلی با سابقه کار-تمکن مالی 10هزاردلار
  • تافل-ویزای ریجکتی قبلی-مقاله معتبر-ریکامندیشن-پذیرش کالج
  • ویزای مولتی-داشتن پرونده مهاجرتی-همراهی خانواده-پذیرش مشروط
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