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مسیر نما :

GanjiCo is a multinational registered immigration and consultation enterprise in Canada and Iran with offices in Montreal and Tehran providing you with the most recent information and services about Canadian immigration regulations and methods. 

Hiring an honest and experienced immigration consultant plays a key role in making your dreams come true. Using a certified Canadian representative can enhance your chances of being approved by the immigration authorities and lifts its massive tension off your shoulders. Ganjico prepares and submits your flawless immigration application and accompanies you through all the steps, you may also ask us for our after landing services to ease your settlement in your new country.

Mr. Ganji, founder and CEO of Ganjico, has been an active member of the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council), ICAIC (Iranian Canadian Association of Immigration Consultants) and UCICA (United Citizenship and Immigration Consultants Association)

His team of experts has managed to record a prolific success rate to this date, which has turned him into an icon in this intricate venture.

His legal education and partnerships to this day are as follows:

-         University of GHFL

            Law and Immigration top student graduate

-         University of KIAU

Master’s Degree in English Language and Literature

-         Arton Capital Immigration, Investment and Naturalization Services Inc.

Certified Partner

Contact us today and hire GanjiCo as your trusted and knowledgeable representative.


Notice: make sure to check your representative status on ICCRC website before signing any contract or legal documents with him/her. Hiring non registered and illegal representatives will terminate your application and may suspend you for two years.

Ganjico legal and recognized immigration activities and services are as follows:

- Determining applicants’ eligibility

- Applying for Temporary Resident & Super Visas (Tourism, Business & Close Relatives)

- Educational Funds & Student Visas (Graduate & Post Graduate)

- Federal Skilled Workers and Express Entry

- Immigration Interview Preparation Sessions

- Federal & Quebec Investors Programmes

- Provincial Nominee Programs (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick and British Columbia)

- Entrepreneurship

- Family Sponsorship

- Providing certified translations, official property assessment reports, audits of accounting records, planning approved applicants’ travel to Canada

- After Landing Services (opening up Canadian bank accounts, English & French language courses registration, applying for SIN number and health insurance)

- Canadian Passport and Permanent Resident Card Renewals

- Contacting Canadian Embassies and Visa Offices in Ankara, Turkey and Abu Dhabi, UAE via Mail & Courier

- IELTS Preparation Programmes and Registration


Mr.Ganji is a active member of:

Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council RCIC : R508225

عضو رسمی شورای سیاست گذاری و نظارت بر مشاوران مهاجرت کانادا RCIC با شماره عضویت R508225
Meysam Ganji
Verify Status with the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants


 Making your decision regarding Immigrating to Canada is a big step your life, this decision is to be followed by an easy and fast process leading to your successful landing in Canada.


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