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Canada Visitor Visa

Canada is one of top tourist destination for a wide range of people. A lot of people may want to visit Canada to meet their family members or take part in numerous events which are held daily in Canada, events like: conferences, workshops, entertaining programs and etc. More than 500.000 cases of Visitor Visa was approved by CIC last year, this number indicates CIC’s positive attitude toward Visitor Visa Applicants.

You may want to visit a friend or a loved one in Canada.

You may want attend a gathering.

You may want to attend a reception like wedding or graduation ceremony.

You may want to plan your business in Canada.

According to Canadian regulations, certain nationalities are required to obtain their visa before entering the Canadian land. Some other countries’ citizens are also asked to have a biometrics done in addition to their Visa request.

Citizens of United States, England, European Union, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, News land and a handful of other countries do not need to get a Visitor Visa before entrance.

People who are looking forward to get Canadian Visitor Visa are assessed on number different factors. The most important factors are listed below:

1-    Your countries’ passport credit  and value

2-    Your ties to your home country

3-    Your financial status

4-    Your intention for visiting Canada

5-    Having an invitation letter from a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident or Canadian institute


What considered important here is to demonstrate and prove to CIC that you will leave Canada by the end of your Visa date. You have to make the most of your status in your home country. We will help you to persuade the Visa Officer that you have no intention of staying in Canada longer than planned. Assisting you in providing persuasive and accurate documents is what we offer.

Among a wide range of different related documents a good application is the one which has a good order and arrangement. For instance you have to provide the CIC with your working documents which is not an easy job to do.

We also would be responsible for any translation work and needed fee pays to precede your application as soon as possible. Arranging an easy schedule for you to do your biometrics –if needed- is another service is done by us.

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