The Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC) Pilot Program

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The Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC) Pilot Program

Ganjico welcomes ambitious international investors who are willing to expand their business scope worldwide through Canadian immigration.

We offer you immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program; you can acquire Canadian permanent residency for you and your family plus the right of legal commercial activities in all over Canada.

There are four main selection criteria addressed by the Canadian authorities:

-         $2 million investment (non-guaranteed) in the immigrant investor venture capital fund for about 15 years;

-         Declaring $ 10 million legitimate assets earned by means of justifiable moneymaking activities

-         Submitting results of a designated language test in English or French with the minimum of 5 based on Canadian Language Benchmark 

  • Language requirements can be waived by asserting a verifiable and legally accumulated net worth of at least $50 million

-         Holding a Canadian post-secondary credential of at least one year or validated foreign equivalency

Mr. Ganji, his business experts and accountants provide you with the latest updates and guide you through your entire journey of business immigration.

Our business department will take care of:

-  Translating and certifying your documents

-  Assessing your properties

-  Preparing the required audits

-  Attending at your interview session and accompanying you during your exploratory trip

Call us today and apply our professional services to save time, energy and money



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  • آیلتس آکادمیک 6-معدل 17-وقفه تحصیلی کم-پذیرش ازدانشگاه
  • دولینگو-وقفه تحصیلی با سابقه کار-تمکن مالی 10هزاردلار
  • تافل-ویزای ریجکتی قبلی-مقاله معتبر-ریکامندیشن-پذیرش کالج
  • ویزای مولتی-داشتن پرونده مهاجرتی-همراهی خانواده-پذیرش مشروط
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