Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program-MPNP

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Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program-MPNP

If you are willing to immigrate to a clean, safe and relaxing land of natural beauty to enhance your lifestyle; call us today and ask for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

Ganjico experts prepare and document your letter of intention, settlement plan and application in way that clearly demonstrates your skills and financial self-sufficiency.

Boost your chances of being selected by this marvelous province by applying our legal and professional services offered by Mr. Ganji and his team.

Manitoba programme is known as one of the fastest methods of immigrating to Canada, it also provides valuable resources to help you put your plan into action toward achieving your goals once you land in this province.

To be eligible for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program you need to submit bona fide documents, and have a genuine plan to live in Manitoba. We can help you invest in into a new or running business in which you should have a managerial or administrative position. This programme offers a priority oriented method of nomination, by hiring a certified Canadian immigration representative you can benefit higher chances of being nominated.

All the applicant will be requested to:

- Declare verifiable personal net worth of CDN$350,000

- Submit commercial documents and reports relevant to last three recent years of their business

You may also be asked to

- Attend an interview during which you will be accompanied by your experienced consultant

- Conduct an exploratory visit to Manitoba for which Ganjico has a special offer for its clients

- Make a business investment in Manitoba


Once you are selected, the government of Manitoba signs a good-faith deposit agreement with you for the amount of CDN $100,000. It will be refundable (zero interest) as soon as they can meet the terms and obligations of this contract.

Do not miss this evanescent opportunity and contact us today for further details.




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