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برنامه کارآفرینی کبک  Quebec Entrepreneur Program

Quebec Entrepreneur

We are pleased to introduce to you, a unique opportunity for prospective Entrepreneurs to take advantage of the Quebec Entrepreneur Program.

In March 2015, the Quebec Government renewed the Quebec Entrepreneur Program for the fiscal year 2015/16.  They will accept 150 applications only, beginning on April 1 2015.  Any applications received after the first 150 will be returned.  Last year, 500 applications were received before the end of the summer.  It is therefore expected that the 150 spots will be taken very quickly.

In order to be eligible for the Program, applicants must:

- have legally-obtained net assets of at least CDN$300,000;

- have acquired in the last 5 years, at least 2 years of experience running a lawful and profitable business in which you (or you and your spouse) control at least 25% of the equity;

- present an application to Quebec Immigration accompanied by either:

 - A business plan, or

 - Evidence that you have acquired in Quebec, at least 25% ownership a business.*

Participate in the daily management and operations of the business and create at least 1 full time job.

* Ganji Immigration Services is offering a new bossiness to purchase in Quebec. In order to buy this business, You are required to pay 185,000 Canadian dollars. You have to pay $20,000 in advance and right after being accepted by Quebec Immigration office you would be asked to pay the existing $165,000. It should be highlighted that in case of not getting accepted by Quebec Immigration your $20,000 would be refunded.

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