Québec Investor Program

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Québec Investor Program

If you are a businessperson with a tight schedule, pondering your chances of immigration and investment into a diversified, modern and dynamic economy; do not hesitate to contact us.

Mr. Ganji and his team of experts offer you the Quebec Investment Program; this method provides you and your entire family with the advantages of living in Canadian society of Quebec such as modernity and avant-gardism.

The biggest province of Canada has a unique bilingual educational system in North America, providing an almost free of charge approach for Quebecers; large numbers of foreign students apply to study at higher educational centers of this province annually.

Since 1994 Quebec has been an active member of the NAFTA (The North American Free Trade Agreement); which has developed its economic environment by a great deal according to the latest official GDP.

Higher quality of life in this province is quite affordable; according to Mercer’s report released in 2009 Quebec is the 103Rd. expensive place to live in compared to other metropolitans like New York (8Th.), Dubai (20Th.) and Los Angeles (23Rd.)

In such a free and democratic domain many foreign investors have managed to blend in and flourish their business ideas; to be qualified and selected by the Quebec authorities you need to declare 2 million dollars (CDN) of total assets and submit your commercial and managerial activities reports. Upon your approval you are to open a guaranteed five year fixed deposit account with the amount of 1.200,000.00 CDN dollars at a nominated Canadian financial institution or make a one-time payment of the whole amount of accumulated interest around 300,000.00 CDN dollars.

Our certified accountants and business experts will prepare your investment application perfectly to assure your approval; even if the Canadian government invites you to an interview, our skilled translators and interpreters will brief you thoroughly and also accompany you during the interview.

Your issued CSQ alongside with other documents form your permanent residency status application which will be sent to Federal officials for final security checks and medical examinations. Your immigration will be issued right after the completion of your application process and you and your family can land in Canada as legal residents.

You may also take advantage of our after-landing services.

Contact us for more info.


More information about Quebec investor program and Montrel City.

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