The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program-SINP

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The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program-SINP

Ganji Co. has an exceptional plan for the applicants who are willing to immigrate to Canada through business category and expand their ambitions.

From a professional entrepreneur point of view $58.5 billion of annual GDP cannot be easily ignored; and also holding the top rank among the other Canadian provinces in terms of annual average growth rate demonstrates Saskatchewan’s sustainable economy in which foreign investors’ expertise is quite influential.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program with an increased cap for 2015 offers a fast and secured method of nomination through which you and your family can become Canadian permanent residents and your business ideas flourish.

If your net worth is equal or more than $500,000 Canadian Dollars (CAD) or more , and you have owned or managed an active business for more than 3 years give us a call right away to grasp this priceless occasion.

Saskatchewan is also welcoming farm owners and operators in 2015, declaring at least $500,000 Canadian Dollars (CAD) of net worth and submitting your farming experience and education experience can assist you in being nominated as an immigrant farmer. We also plan your exploratory visit to Saskatchewan and interview with SINP representatives.

Experienced farmers who are under 40 can easily apply through Young Farmer Stream of the Farm Owner/Operator Category; this programme requires $500,000 CAD of total assets, three years of practical farming experience and making an equity investment of $300,000 CAD(Saskaton and Regina) and $200,000 CAD (other city) in a new or developed farming enterprise in Saskatchewan. 


Mr. Ganji, an active and certified Canadian investment dealer whose team of business and accounting experts have prepared and filed several successful business cases through Canadian provincial programs assure your nomination.

We also plan your exploratory visit to Saskatchewan and interview with SINP representatives.

Call us today, set an appointment, prepare your documents, sit back and watch.

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