Portugal residence by Golden Visa

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Portugal residence by Golden Visa

Portugal residence

Golden Vis Program of Portugal is launched under supervision of the Portuguese Immigration and Border Services (SEF) and the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the goal of this program is to absorb foreign investors outside EU to receive  residency visa. 

Investment application conditions for Portugal

  •     Capital sources outside Portugal
  •     Clean penal records
  •     Payment of governmental costs of Portugal
  •     Traveling to Portugal in Schengen visa
  •     Staying at least 7 days per year in Portugal (14 days in two years is mandatory)
  •     Paying the tax of the country of origin. 

Advantages of residence in Portugal

  •     A safe country for migrants
  •     Being in the list of three-peace loving countries in the world
  •     Choice of most tourists
  •     A member of EU
  •     Possibility of work, live and study in Portugal
  •     Possibility of travelling to all EU countries without visa requirements
  •     Receiving passport of Portugal after 5 years
  •     Residence permit for the applicant, spouse, children and the applicant’s parents*

* Note:
Children over 19 years’ old who are single, studying and have no employment records; the parents of the applicant and the applicant’s spouse will also receive residence.

Portugal residency by buying real estate

Since 2015, the laws have been updated as follows and the applicant has the option of selecting one of them:
-Buying real estate more than 500 thousand Euro value
-Buying real estate more than 350 thousand Euro value older than 30 years or in areas farther from the city, or buying them in developing areas
-Buying real estate 20 percent lower than the amount mentioned above if the property is in low populated cities, with 280 thousand Euro (our agency will introduce to the applicant the projects which are approved by the government of Portugal).
potrugal passport

Portugal Residency and Passport

Ganji Immigration Services has luxury and valid projects in Portugal, including investment in real estate for living or buying a part of rehabilitation project in the regions confirmed by the government of Portugal. In both cases, the applicant will be eligible to receive Portugal Golden Visa

Advantages of Portugal golden visa

-Income gained by real estate rental
-Easy conditions to leave the project
-100% guaranty of returning the money after receiving residency
-Needing to be in Portugal only for 7 days
-Please ask our organization about your specific conditions.

Timetable for receiving residence of Portugal

The timetable of Portugal Immigration Office contains three stages; each one must be completed before proceeding with the next stage. The third stage is optional and will be among our services if ordered.

First stage: Investment in Portugal

First to second month:
Submitting documents to the Embassy of Portugal in Tehran and Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, receiving tax file, opening the bank account and depositing the investment amount.

Second stage: Portugal residency

Third to twelfth months
As your attorney, we submit your residence documents to the embassy. The documents are sent to SEF and the biometric stages are sent to the applicant. The applicant will then stay in Portugal for three business days.
The applicant will then receive the approval certificate and the residency card is issued. It should be mentioned that your staying should be extended only at the end of year one (1) and year three (3)

Third stage: Portugal citizenship

Year 6:
Your full and completed case for receiving permanent residence or citizenship of Portugal will be submitted at the end of the 5 years of presence and meeting the residence formalities.
Choosing the best method for receiving Portugal resident permit

Our organization chooses the best method of the above-mentioned subjects in accordance with the profitable projects and ultimately, it leads to Portugal Golden Visa. These projects have following advantages:

•    Guaranty to receive the best rental rate for the real estates
•    The best conditions for sale or leaving the project
•    The guaranty to take back the investment amount after receiving the residence or citizenships
•    Needing to be in Portugal only seven (7) days.
For more information, please send a message to us via our whatsapp number to send you the brochures or Call Ganji Immigration Services office in Tehran Iran or Montreal Canada.
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