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Canada Family Sponsorship Requirements

Did you know that Canadian citizens and permanent residents who are at least 18 have the opportunity to sponsor their spouse, common-law or conjugal partner, dependent or adapted child and even their relatives from outside of Canada?

 An eligible Canadian for this commitment:

-         Pledges in writing to provide financial support to the sponsored relative

-         Has clean record

-         Has not received government financial assistance

-         Has not declared bankruptcy


Quebec residents are to settle their balance with Ministère de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale (MESS) and provide the sponsored with basic needs for the entire duration of the undertaking


Tips of Spouse Sponsorship Cases:

1-      Beginning from March 2, 2012 the Canadian regulations do not allow sponsored people marry anyone else on the condition of divorcing the sponsor up to 5 years.

2-      The sponsor is officially required to fulfill the basic needs of the sponsored person for 3 years. This includes the needs of education, accommodation, food, health and etc.

3-      Being married to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, Sponsored people have the privilege of being considered a conditional Canadian permanent resident no matter being in or out of Canada.

If one breaks any of above-mentioned commitments, for example if the sponsored asks for welfare, it is the sponsor’s duty to meet the sponsored needs.

If your sponsorship case is accepted you must submit your signed commitment, it is crucial to have an aid of a competent consultant in this process.


Basic conditions for opening a sponsorship application:

1-      Sponsor must be over 18

2-      Sponsor must be Canadian citizen or permanent resident

3-      Sponsor must be in Canada when the process is started and during the process

4-      Sponsor must sign the “Undertaking” commitment form in order to provide their spouse initial financial needs

5-      Sponsored is allowed to have just one spouse at the time

6-      Proving proof of funds in case of presence of sponsored person’s children is necessary (children must be under 19)

7-      Sponsored must be at least 16

8-      Sponsored must have a valid travel document (passport)

9-      The couple must provide the Marriage Certificate (Canadian or foreign)


Sponsorship application cannot be open if:

1-      Sponsor aims to marry their family (siblings, grandparents, niece or nephews)

2-      You are planning a fake marriage to obtain Canadian citizenship

The details of requirements are stated in IMM 5289 form which is accessible in CIC website. Be highly careful that any false or wrong information can cause penalties against you. We excessively recommend doing the process under consultation of an experience immigration consultant.

Sponsorship Processing time:

At the present time it is hard to provide a fixed processing time, but to best of our experience:

1-      It takes about 28 days to have your application reviewed in a Canada Visa Office.

2-      There is an additional 30 days for Quebec residence for having the Quebec’s confirmation on the case

3-      It takes about less than 15 months to have your file assessed in out of Canada designated Visa Office


Call us today and apply our legal services to welcome and embrace your beloved ones in Canada as soon as possible.

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