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Ganji Co. is a leading immigration law firm providing Canadian, American and global immigration legal services.


Our legal team of Canadian immigration lawyers provides a level of expertise, competence and strategic focus that ensures corporate and individual clients worldwide successfully achieve their immigration objectives.


:Canada Immigration

Federal Skilled Worker

Canadian Experience Class

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program (including Regional Labour Market Demand Stream)

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee

Family based immigration

NAFTA Work Permits

Labour Market Opinions (LMOs)

Visa processing at consulates

Temporary Resident Permits (Criminal waivers)



One time consultations by phone or in person


With our extensive knowledge and experienced immigration lawyers,  let us assess your eligibility and we will let you know what immigration option is best for you.

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کدام مورد برای دریافت ویزای تحصیلی مهمتر است؟

  • آیلتس آکادمیک 6-معدل 17-وقفه تحصیلی کم-پذیرش ازدانشگاه
  • دولینگو-وقفه تحصیلی با سابقه کار-تمکن مالی 10هزاردلار
  • تافل-ویزای ریجکتی قبلی-مقاله معتبر-ریکامندیشن-پذیرش کالج
  • ویزای مولتی-داشتن پرونده مهاجرتی-همراهی خانواده-پذیرش مشروط
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