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Canadian Citizenship & Canadian Passport

 : Canadians proudly hold their priceless citizenship entitling them to
Stand for election as a political candidate
Apply for a Canadian passport
Benefit from economical rights such as owning a property
Be entitled to receive pensions
Besides the aforementioned rights, the Canadians bear numerous responsibilities as well. Mutually appreciated social contribution of the citizens is the backbone of this great dominion.
Applying for Canadian citizenship
Annually, Canada grants its right of citizenship to nearly 170,000 eligible immigrants. In order to become a Canadian citizen, following requirements are to be fulfilled:
Use online devices to determine your eligibility
If you are older than 14 and younger than 64, write the citizenship exam
Attend the ceremony
Parents or legal guardians of minors can apply for Canadian citizenship for them. Both or at least one of the parents or guardians should already be a citizen or include them in his/her application for citizenship.
Permanent resident infants can also apply for Canadian citizenship and they are not obliged to meet the minimum time lived in Canada requirement.
Minors and seniors over 65 do not need to write the citizenship exam.
Marrying a Canadian citizen does not guarantee you citizenship; the sponsored spouse is to apply for a permanent residence status initially and meet the citizenship requirements to become eligible.
The number of days that spouse of a Canadian citizen is cohabiting with him/her outside Canada will be accounted at the time of his/her permanent residence status renewal.
To meet the minimum time lived in Canada requirement you need to be present inside Canada for 3 years during a 5-year span.
Bill C-6 became law on June 19Th upon receiving Royal Assent with the implementation of following amendments:
Canadian citizens charged with national security allegations will not lose their citizenship status.
Removing the requirement that an applicant intend, if granted citizenship, to continue to reside in Canada
Minors can apply for Canadian citizenship autonomously
Days spent in detention will not be accounted as present days in Canada
Stateless residents can now apply for a discretionary grant of citizenship
Reasonable conditions are to be provided for the handicapped applicants
Applicants are required to remain eligible throughout the process, till the day they take the Oath of Citizenship

Other amendments to be implemented in fall 2017:
Applicants need to stay in Canada for 1095 days during a 5-year span
Applicants are to be obligated to submit income tax returns belonging their 3 year of stay in Canada
Applicants will not be expected to stay 183 days in Canada in four out of six years prior to their application submission
Temporary workers and students can claim up to 365 days of living in Canada calculated on a 0.5 per day basis
Applicants older than 18 and younger than 54 are to submit language proficiency test results 
More amendments to be implemented in early 2018:
Unless requested otherwise the decision-maker for the entire cases of revocation due to false representation, fraud, or intentional concealing which were previously decided on by the Minister will be the Federal Court.
Requirements to apply for Canadian citizenship:
At least 18 years of age
Permanent residence status
1095 days of presence in Canada in a 5 year-span
English or French language proficiency
No penal record
Sufficient knowledge of Canadian citizenship responsibilities, history, values and symbols  
Gather documents and submit an application
Download the application package
Read the guide carefully
Fill the forms and include the required documents
Pay the fees
Mail the application
Ganjico Immigration Services can assist you through the process from A to Z
Canadian Citizenship Test
To determine your knowledge of Canada, the applicants are required to take this test. Download and read the official study guide issued by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada named “Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship” to become prepared for this test. A hard copy of this guide will also be mailed to your address along with your application submission receipt. Make sure you take sample online tests. A translated copy of this guide is also compiled by Ganjico Immigration Services. During the exam, your English/French language skills will be assessed. Communicating with the CIC staff will be sufficient to prove your command of English. You will be notified of the time and venue of the exam. In case the applicant cannot write the exam, he/she will be tested orally. A citizenship judge will conduct this test.
You need to present the following documents prior to the exam:
Original copies of your identification documents (already submitted with your application)
Valid and expired passports and travel documents (used in the 4 years preceding your application)
IF you fail at the written test, a designated judge will ask you some other questions to determine your eligibility
Sample tests are available on the following websites
Becoming a Citizen
If you pass the exam and your eligibility is acknowledged, you will be invited to attend a citizenship ceremony. At this ceremony, the Canadian family recognizes you as a new member. The citizenship judge leads the ceremony and administers the oath of citizenship.
Once you attend this ceremony and recite the oath of citizenship, you will be granted a dated citizenship certificate.
Note: over 14 individuals ought to attend the ceremony.
The citizenship certificates of under 14 accepted applicants will be granted to their parents or guardians; although they are not mandated to attend the ceremony, their presence will be welcomed.
The attendees can invite guests to share these unforgettable moments with them.
A number of local authorities and communities’ representatives are customarily invited to these ceremonies. 

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